For editing videos I use FCPX, Motion and Compressor.  

During my tenure with CTO Forum, I created custom templates for transitions, title pages, credits and lower-thirds in line with branding. l also cleaned up their archived videos, which date back to 2006.  Sometimes, for purpose of consistency, I used Motion to recreate lower-thirds that had been lost.


Self-trained because the business was in need, I quickly adapted myself to FCPX, Motion and Compressor.  During my tenure at CTO Forum I updated their old videos archived from 2006 through accumulating video recordings of events through December 2012.  My favorite ah-ha accomplishment was when I re-created a couple lower-thirds that contained motion graphics for maintaining consistency on the pre-2010 videos.  One of the most fulfilling moments for me was in December of 2012, when I created a transition for CTO Forum to use for their December 2012 and future event videos.  The most challenging and yet eye-opening project, which inspired me to dive deeper into familiarizing myself with Motion, was when I created a multi-pic generator for the 2012 CTO Institute videos.